version 1.2

An iPhone App made by an American Gun Owner for the American Gun Owner


Version 1.2!

The first feature update has been released!
Version 1.2 brings two major features to Tactitool!
Buy now! Free for current Tactitool™ users.

  • Security
    • Tactitool™ now uses your devices passcode or biometrics to lock down the app. You will find the option to turn security on or off in your Profile edit screen.
      Keep your firearms related information under lock and key!
  • Gun Vault Printing
    • You can now print your collection! Simply go to the Gun Vault, choose your category and click print!
      Printing is done wirelessly via Apple's AirPrint™ technology! Print a hard copy of your list for insurance or legal purposes.

Always Know Your Local Gun Laws...

A great feature of this application is to make it easy for you to be aware of your local concealed carry, open carry and knife laws.
Tactitool™ uses your phone's location and displays the state laws for the state you are in.

Want to know if your license is recognized in another state? Tactitool™ will tell you!

The Gun Vault...

The Gun Vault is your right hand app for keeping your inventory.
Tactitool™ provides a simple system to keep count of your handguns, shotguns or rifles.
Log your firearms inventory by maker, model and serial number.
In the event of a loss, having your information easily accessible in one spot is invaluable.
Tactitool makes it easy for you to keep track of your firearms and not worry about making copies of receipts and documents.

Know Your Constitutional Rights...

What kind of app for the firearms owner would be complete without a copy of the United States Constitution?
Included with the Tactitool is a copy of the United States of America Consitution!
The content can be selected, copied, pasted , shared and looked up!
Never be without your rights as an American citizen!

User Profile...

Keep easy access to your CCW and NRA info in one tab!
Tired of fishing for cards every time you wish to use an NRA Membership benefit? Tired of losing your state pin? Tired of fishing out your license when you have to write down the number for your federal purchase forms?
The Profile tab displays your CCW License Number, State PIN if applicable, expiration date, NRA Member number, NRA Membership Expiration and additional Licenses you may hold!
All of your information in one easy to access place; available when you need it for purchases or when taking advantage of NRA Member Benefits!

Media - How To!

Adding a Firearm

Printing Your Inventory

Setting Up Your Profile

Using Security

Using Local

The U.S. Constitution


March 10, 2017

Hi Fellow CCW holders!

Tactitool™ 1.0 has been released!

Tactitool ™ went up for sale on the Apple App Store at approximation 4:30pm est.

You can find it on sale for $1.99 supporting the iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7 and 7+. Clicking on the download link at the top of the page will get you there.

Tactitool™ has been a labor of love for the second amendment, firearms and the community around them.

The promo codes for a free copy of Tactitool™ will be going out in just a few minutes for those that helped beta test the application.


Savage Code

March 8, 2017

Hi Fellow CCW holders!

The time has come!

Tactitool ™ has been submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval.

The beta test for Tactitool ™ has been under way and the results have been positive.

I would like to take this moment to thank the beta testers. The information provided by their participation helped to bring great improvements to the application.

In the mean time the teaser site has been updated with new screenshots for the application and a "How To" video has been uploaded.
Upon acceptance to the app store, Tactitool ™ will go on sale for $1.99! Participants in the beta test will get a promo code for their free copy of Tactitool ™ as a thank you.


Savage Code


February 17, 2017

Hi Fellow CCW holders!

The past month has been a busy one!

Tactitool ™ has been under constant development.

A few things of note that are important in regards to Tactitool ™.

  • No personal data is shared with Savage-code or another 3rd party. Your profile information, firearms information and location are not stored on savage-code servers and therefore will not be used by any third party.
  • The GPS system is used to tell the application where you are so it can load the local gun laws for you. Nothing more. This data is not stored anywhere. Your privacy remains intact.
  • Tactitool ™ is now a single user application. Holding multiple users on one phone made little sense when most families have multiple phones.
  • The Tactitool ™ has undergone some interface changes, strictly for aesthetic reasons and to reflect the new single user nature of the app.

There are a lot of exciting things around the corner in regards to Tactitool ™. The data entry for the state laws have been completed. At this point we are entering the bug fixing phase. The Beta is soon to follow. During the course of the beta, there will be continuous bug fixes. Your feedback on bugs and feature requests will be important! While there are no gaurantees on new feature implementation before release, the app will be receiving polish during this phase before going on sale.

Savage Code appreciates your growing interest and looks forward to providing a product CCW holders will use.


Savage Code


December 20, 2016

Hi Fellow CCW holders!

It would seem that Tactitool™ has been getting a bit of attention. Given this bit, a small, local test of the flow of the app has been performed.

The test revealed some interesting feedback. Given this feedback there will be some changes to the app. For example, multiple users. This feature seems to get in the way more than it enhances anything. The test revealed that the target audience would be using this for themselves not an entire family. We are seeing that users would like to boot the app, get directly to their information and go from there. That is just an example of one of the things that will change. In an effort to ensure usability, tests like these will be conducted. No new features will be added at this time but will go on a list of features to consider for an update.

Savage Code appreciates your growing interest and looks forward to providing a product CCW holders will use.


Savage Code

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